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THE ART & CRAFT OF CINEMATIC STORYTELLING is an in-person and online workshop that brings together Art & Craft, Storytelling and Acting for Camera activities to create a unique experience of self-discovery through the art of smart-filmmaking for children, young adults and elderly.


THE ART & CRAFT OF CINEMATIC STORYTELLING provides learners with the essential knowledge and skills of cinematic storytelling as learners develop the idea, the look and the feel of their short story which they'll write in a script format, film it and edit it, using a smartphone or a tablet. 


THE ART & CRAFT OF CINEMATIC STORYTELLING has been designed, built and run by the award-winning genre film writer/director Luana Di Pasquale exclusively for children, young adults and elderly. Luana's role is to guide learners through the five stages of the filmmaking process, facilitating them to unlock their unique voices and visions. 

By the end of the workshop, learners will have produced their short story based on subjects and themes dear to their hearts while having had the times of their lives!!!


Luana Di Pasquale offers also mentorship session of 1h lenght to  filmmakers via zoom.





'The Art & Craft of Cinematic Storytelling workshop is the result of my teaching experience in schools, academies, organizations, art galleries and communities over the past 8 years while working as a freelancer in the film and television industry, which it started in 2005. My workshop was possible thanks to the Lottery funded grant by the Arts Council. I designed, built and run this workshop with the desire to improve the physical, mental and emotional health of children and young adults and to make them question the conditions of our time. This workshop teaches new skills for anyone who wants to find a new path in life or improve and strengthen their possibility of economic growth and independence. It is also a great vehicle to explore creativity. 


What I find  the most joyful  during my workshop is to observe students growing emotionally and intellectually as they overcome their fears, which in turn, makes them more responsible for their choices, more empathic people, more confident in their decision-making and more collaborative beings during the making of their short stories. Some of my students were so inspired that they started their career in the film and TV industry, while others studied Film and Television at specific colleges or universities. Others work independently and other have ‘played’ with this medium for the first time.


Indeed, the benefits of creativity are enormous: Creativity gives the freedom to face any problem with an honest eye and an open heart. It nurtures empathy, it helps solve problems, to make friends, to build trust, to value what matters in life, and to live a more fulfilling life. I have a deep passion for nurturing creativity and talent in both Art & Craft and Storytelling. I love inspiring students to be the best they can be through the art & craft of filmmaking'.


- Luana Di Pasquale






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