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Welcome to Luana's Workshop!!!

THE ART & CRAFT OF CINEMATIC STORYTELLING (ACCS) is an in-person and online storytelling workshop that explores the five stages of the filmmaking process through arts & crafts activities, film and sound and acting for the screen exercises as the participants learn to make their own short films and documentaries!


Aimed at children, young people and the less young, the ACCS workshop is designed, built and run by award-winning filmmaker Luana Di Pasquale to empower and unlock participants' unique voices and visions, guiding them on a journey of self-discovery through the Art & Craft of Smart-Filmmaking.


As the participants question themselves and the conditions of our time through visual storytelling, the ACCS workshop equips them with the essential knowledge and lots of practice to develop their filmmaking skills and to shape their ideas into stories - with a beginning, a middle and an end -  to script, film and edit them using a smartphone or iPads. By the end of the ACCS workshop, participants exhibit the short films they've made as part of a group or solo to their peers, families and community of friends!!!



"The Art & Craft of Cinematic Storytelling workshop is the result of my 9 years of creative educational work in Storytelling/Filmmaking in schools, colleges, academies, art organisations, galleries/museums and community centres. Indeed creativity is the universal force that brought us to life on planet Earth: the greatest force behind self-discovery, building resilience and emotional well-being in each of us. I love teaching storytelling/filmmaking to children, young people and the less young and guiding them through their journey of self-discovery while nurturing their creativity. I love co-producing their personal stories through the Art & Craft of Cinematic Storytelling and witnessing the impact this workshop has on the development of their creative and critical thinking and self-confidence." - 




 The Art & Craft of Cinema Storytelling  is possible thanks to the Lottery-funded grant by the Arts Council
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