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Welcome to Luana Di Pasquale's Workshop!!!

The Art & Craft of Cinematic Storytelling (ACCS) s a FUN and IMMERSIVE workshop that takes participants on a captivating journey through cinematic storytelling, exploring and mastering the five stages of the filmmaking process, all using the convenience of a smartphone!!! Created by award-winning genre filmmaker and creative educator is Luana Di Pasquale, participants embark on making their own personal, short visual story while diving into Arts and Crafts Activities, Film and Sound and Acting for the Screen Exercises and Much More!

No matter your age, whether you're a child, a young person, or an adult, the ACCS workshop is designed to unlock your UNIQUE VOICE and VISION. Prepare for a transformative experience as you immerse yourself in the Art & Craft of Smart Filmmaking, discovering your inner Storyteller. Through the magic of visual storytelling, you'll explore your thoughts and feelings and examine the world around you; the ACCS workshop will equip you with the essential knowledge and hands-on practice you need to develop your filmmaking skills. From shaping well-structured stories with captivating beginnings, thrilling middles, and satisfying endings to mastering the art of scriptwriting, filming, and editing using a smartphone, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve. 

The grand finale of the ACCS workshop - shoot stories on smartphone - is a moment of triumph and celebration. You and your fellow participants get to showcase the incredible short films you've created. Whether you have worked as a part of a group or individually, you'll present and showcase your masterpiece to peers, families, and a community of friends. Get ready for a truly exhilarating experience filled with laughter, inspiration, and the joy of Smart-Filmmaking!!!



The Art & Craft of Cinematic Storytelling workshop is the culmination of my nine years of dedicated work in education, focusing on Storytelling and Filmmaking across various settings such as schools, colleges, academies, art organisations, galleries, museums, and community centres. Teaching storytelling and filmmaking to children, young people, and individuals of all ages is a passion of mine. I take great joy in guiding them on their personal journey of self-discovery while nurturing and cultivating their creativity. Indeed, creativity is the universal force that brought nature with its living organism on planet Earth - the driving force behind self-discovery, building resilience, and nurturing emotional well-being within each of us. Through the Art & Craft of Cinematic Storytelling, I guide participants in their self- discovery journey, co-producing their unique stories. To witness the participants' artistic and personal development and contributing to the "evolution" of the their creative and critical thinking, skills and self-confidence; is a truly honour. - 



 The Art & Craft of Cinema Storytelling  is possible thanks to the Lottery-funded grant by the Arts Council

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