Awesome news!!!  On the 10th September 2022 Luana's started  teaching  #genre #filmmaking @ the BFI Young Filmmakers Saturday Club in Bromley at Ripley Arts Centre !!! In this term,  the students are learning how to use genre tropes for their filmmaking journey!!!There are four more places left for the next term. So if you want to join them you must hurry up and book ASAP from here!!!





















ACCS workshop has landed at Your Best Friend Project @fightforpeace: Luana is VERY excited to be the creative producer of  this beautiful journey of healing with Your Best Friend project, mentoring and empowering young girls and women and non binary people (13-24) to make 11 short films about what happens when they become unsafe, providing them with the knowledge and confidence to help themselves or a friend💕💜💚💓💗💞. 

Awesome news!!! The ACCS workshop was one of the amazing activities at the summer camp in Ludlow at "More Than English" in July/August 22!!! Check it out!

Luana is the creative producer behind the beautiful healing journey of a wonderful group of young girls and women and non-binary (13-24) - the Lutadoras (Fighters) - through  YourBestFriend project @fightforpeace. An year project, in which Luana will be guiding the LUTADORAS in their filmmaking journey; in the making of 11 short films about  YourBestFriend project workshops in which they  explore what happens when young girls and women and non-binary become unsafe, providing  them with the knowledge and confidence to help themselves or a friend💕💜💚💓💗💞. If you want to know more about the Best Friend Project please follow Fight for Peace and check out


ACCS workshop has been part of the filmmaking training at the Artemisia's Daughters and Hebe Foundation where Luana guided  a group of lovely young people on the 17th July 22 in the making of the  moodboard of "We Have a Story" a short film they have developed with Alexandra Boyd , Artemisia's Daughters director,  who made it into a script that was shot on the 23rd and 24th of July 2022 as part of Artemisia's Daughters mission in which the young people were shadowing crew members in the making of their short film "We Have a Story". For the shooting, Luana worked as a 2nd UNIT Director. If you want to help the mission of Artemisia's Daughters and Hebe Foundation - to support young people through their filmmaking journey - you can leave your donation 👉🏻 HERE 🙏🏻

Awesome news!!! The ACCS is PROUD TO BE the only London Storytelling/Filmmaking super cool workshop available at Street Style Surgery, the brainchild of the super woman Sissy Rooney !!!!Luana is super excited  to join forces with Sissi!!! U must check out all the other amazing creative workshop SSS offers you!!!


Luana was hired by CITY ACADEMY to teach/mentor a group of super heroes at the University of Kent to make a Film in day on the 17th May 22!!! It was so much fun!!!

Luana's latest involvement was with Where We Are programme organised by British Museum and supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation in partnership with Attenborough Arts Centre (Leicester University) and Pedestrian. In this project, Luana facilitated a group of 12 young people who identify with the LGBTQ + community, in co-designing, co-curating and co-delivery an art exhibition of new work exploring activism and social justice at the Attenborough Art Centres (4th - 19th December 2021) and British Museum ( date TBC).

ACCS Workshop landed online via zoom at the DIRECTOR'S CUT THEATRE where Luana mentored over 5 weeks a group of Theatre Professionals into the 5 stages of the filmmaking process! and produced their web-series!!! AMAZING.

A year 9 class from North Cambridge Academy have been working with Kettle's Yard to explore the UNTITLED exhibition and produced a film together in response with artist/filmmaker Luana Di Pasquale. Students learned about the filmmaking process through Luana's ACCS workshop!!! In the video the students express their views on current issues, questioning the Kettle's Yard artists and sharing their inspirations to solve what previous generations have failed to address. The video project was filmed entirely on HUAWEI PRO 30 and edited with mobile phone app Power Director. Check it out below!

This project was commissioned by Headstart,  to run creative wellbeing activities at the Stratford Youth Centre where artist/filmmaker Luana Di Pasquale from Rosetta Arts led her ACCS workshop supported by youth workers from Newham’s Youth Empowerment Service. The aim for this focus week of filmmaking was to promote a healthy well-being and give tools to help build resilience. The children that took part in this intense week of filmmaking were exceptionally engaged and loved any minutes of  Luana's workshop, taking pride in presenting their films to their peers, families and community!