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Luana Di Pasquale is an award-winning writer/director and producer who started  her career as a self-shooting PD (producer/director) and editor - creating content for cable TV networks ( eg. Current TV), brands (eg. Vladivar Vodka) and art projects ( eg. Guerrila Girls on Tour) - Luana went to produce and direct Love Talk, a Lifestyle TV shows for Record TV broadcasts on SKY(channel 203) before returning to genre filmmaking, her first love. iIn 2018, she founded Lunadipas Films (currently re-branded Bad Girl//Good Woman Films), and wrote and directed Keep Mum, a critically acclaimed and multi-award-winning psychological thriller/horror about domestic trauma in co-produced with Reblis Films in association with Qareyfilm. Keep Mum is out on home entertainment: Amazon Prime UK, Amazon Prime US, Sofy.TV, Plex.TV and it is broadcast on Short TV in the US, South America, UK, and Europe. 


Luana has been teaching filmmaking since 2014 in various settings: academies, schools, art galleries/museum, organisations and community centres. In the year 2019 - 2020 she was Course Leader of the Creative Digital Media and Art departments at the Access Creative College in Shoreditch (London) where she was also an Art/Film/Media lecturer (with mixed Levels:  Level2 - Starter and RSL L2 Diploma/BTEC L2 Diploma and BTEC L3 Extended Diploma/T level). In the year 2020-2021, she mentored filmmakers at Screenskills. In 2022, Luana taught filmmaking at City Academy , BFI Southbank Young's Filmmakers Club in Bromley  and Eastside Charity in Hackney.

Since 2020, she has been running her own storytelling/filmmaking workshop - The Art & Craft of Cinematic Storytelling (ACCS)- dedicated  to give a voice to children and young people which was funded by the National Lottery, supported by the Art Council England. Luana has been conducting ACCS workshop at Rosetta Arts in partnership with Stratford Youth Centre, Somerset Film, Tutortoo, Kettle’s Yard (University of Cambridge)in partnership with North Cambridge Academy, Director’s Cut Theatre Company, Attenborough Arts Centre (Leicester University) in partnership with the British Museum, Artemisia’s Daughters in partnership with Hebe Foundation and Fight for Peace for their " Our Best Friend Project".


Currently Filmmaking Tutor @TheArtsXchange, City Road; London

Freelance Filmmaking Tutor @ EastSide, Hackney; London

 Filmmaking Mentor and Creative Producer @ Fight For Peace 's YourBestFriend Project; London

2018 to currently Filmmaking Tutor @ Rosetta Arts; London

September - October 2022 Genre Filmmaking Mentor  @BFI Southbank Young Filmmakers Club,

Bromley at Ripley Arts

May 2022 Filmmaking Tutor @ City Academy (University of Kent); London

2021- 2022 Filmmaking Mentor @ScreenSkills; London

October - December 2021 Filmmaking Facilitator and Co-Producer "Where We Are" Programme, organised by British Museum and supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation in partnership with Attenborough Arts Centre (Leicester University) and Pedestrian. In this project, Luana facilitated a group of 12 young people ( 16 to 25 years old) who identify with the LGBTQ + community, in co-designing, co-curating and co-delivery an art exhibition of new work exploring activism and social justice

October - December 2021 Filmmaking Tutor @ Director's Cut Theatre; London

June - September 2021 Filmmaking Mentor/Creative Producer @ Kettle's Yard ( University of Cambridge) in collaboration with  North Cambridge Academy "Untitled, The Condition of Our Time" Project

February 2020 Filmmaking Mentor @ Four Corner; London            

August 2019 - July 2020 - Course Leader of the department of  Art and Creative Digital Media

and Art/Film/Media lecturer  (with mixed Levels:  Level2 - Starter and RSL L2 Diploma/BTEC L2 Diploma and BTEC L3 Extended Diploma/T level) @Access Creative College, Shoreditch; London    

April 2019 Filmmaking Tutor @ National Film Youth Academy; London            

August 2018 Filmmaking Tutor @ National Film Youth Academy; London

2017- 2018 Filmmaking Tutor @Anna Fiorentini Drama School, Hackney; London

2016 - 2017 Filmmaking Tutor @Pauline Quirke Performing Art School; Maidenhead

2014 - 2018 Filmmaking Mentor @ Performing Production organisation; London




2022 Production and Finance Lab, Film London Agency; London

2022 Writing Characters Lab, Film London Agency; London

2022 Director’s Lab, Film London Agency; London

2009 Project Base a Master Class on feature film development, granted by Tower Hamlet,

East End film festival and Skillset

2008 Working with Actors a workshop run by Adam Meggido at London Film School

2007 Alexander Mackendrick on Director’s Craft, the workshop ran by Paul Cronin at London Film School

2001–2005 Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video at London College of Communication (UAL). Interference, a 10 min short horror/ thriller was Luana’s graduation film as a writer/director and producer

If you want to be mentored by Luana Di Pasquale , you can get in touch with her

using the CONTACT form above. 

Thank you!



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