"My first experience of teaching art & craft and documentary film-making was with the pupils of Haverstock Primary School and College in Camden (2010): together we created a 20-minute documentary about each pupil’s origins, hopes and fears for their future. This experience was fantastic and so rewarding, inspiring me to work more with children – but not exclusively...

During 2014-2018, I worked for Performing Production on a freelance basis as a filmmaking mentor/tutor of young people and adults with a disadvantaged background. I taught them how to make short films on themes important to them and guided them from the development of an idea to its execution and distribution. This was a memorable experience: supporting learners to express themselves through the art of storytelling and to see them making their short films with very little resources is what made feel I was on the right path. If you have a brilliant idea, you don’t need money to make it happen, you just need passion to turn that idea into reality. Thus, seeing my learners learning new skills and grow in confidence regardless of their background was what made me feel I was doing the right thing. We also held a few short film competitions with prizes both of which were well attended with great enthusiasm by the learners. 


During 2016 - 2018, I taught filmmaking on a part-time basis both at the Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts in Maidenhead and at the Anna Fiorentini Performing Art School in Hackney. I then taught Drama for Skipz Productions at several primary schools in London. During the summer of 2017, I did my first Summer Camp – teaching filmmaking at the Freedom Academy, where I tutored children (8 to 12 y.o.), to make a short film in five days. This time restriction was especially challenging but fun! Most importantly, the children enjoyed it immensely, and despite the time constraint, they completed their film by the end of the course. ​During 2018-2019 I mentored young adult filmmakers (16 to 24 y.o.) at the National Youth Film Academy. Each made a 12-minute short film in two weeks, and their short films were exhibited at Cineworld Cinema in North Greenwich. Here, I received a prize for being an ‘outstanding’ filmmaking tutor – a wonderful surprise! During this time, I also worked with SEN pupils (3 to 5 y.o.) at Stephen Hawking School in Bethnal Green, an experience I found all the more heart-warming!!!

During 2018 - 2020 I have been working for Rosetta Arts on a freelance basis as Filmmaking tutor to children and young people (8 to 18 years old). Many of them didn't have experience with the film-making process, nonetheless, they learnt new skills while they were engaged and motivated to explore themes important to them which allowed them to discover something new about themselves through the filmmaking process.


From August 2019 to July 2020, I was Course Leader of Creative Digital Media – at both BTEC and RSL levels – and lecturer in Film & Video at the Access Creative College (ACC). The units I taught included: Art, Design and Film & Video Production. My time at the ACC was divided between teaching, grading and evaluating student assignments, and overseeing the running and delivery of each lesson and the overall curriculum. 


All my mentoring, tutoring work mentioned above has been alongside the pursuit of my own filmmaking career as a writer/director and producer which started in 2005. Please visit my website for more info at


You can download my CV from here.


 – Luana Di Pasquale