My Story

My first experience of teaching art & craft and documentary film-making was with the pupils of Haverstock Primary School in Camden back in 2010: together we produced a 20-minute documentary about each pupil’s origins, hopes and fears for their future. This experience was fantastic, inspiring me to work more with children, but not exclusively.

And, from 2014 to 2018, I worked for Performing Production as a filmmaking mentor to young adults and the elderly with disadvantaged backgrounds. I guided them to make personal short films, on themes important to them, from the development of an idea to its execution and distribution. This was another memorable experience: to support each learner during the making of their story and to see them learning new skills and growing in confidence was what made me feel I was doing the right thing. We also held a few short film competitions with prizes both of which were well attended with great enthusiasm by the learners and the people of the community centre in Old street.


From 2016 to 2018, I taught filmmaking on a part-time basis both at the Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts in Maidenhead and at the Anna Fiorentini Performing Art School in Hackney. I then taught Drama for Skipz Productions at several primary schools in London. During the summer of 2017, I experienced my first Summer Camp - at the Freedom Academy, where I tutored children (8 to 12 y.o.) to make a short film in five days. This time restriction was especially challenging but fun! Most importantly, the children enjoyed it immensely, and despite the time constraint, they completed their film by the end of the summer camp.  Over two weeks in 2018 and 2019, I mentored young adult filmmakers (16 to 24 y.o.) at the National Youth Film Academy to make a 12-minute short film, which was exhibited at Cineworld Cinema in North Greenwich. Here, I received a prize for being an ‘outstanding’ filmmaking tutor, which was a wonderful surprise! 

From August 2019 to July 2020, I was Course Leader of Creative Digital Media - at both BTEC and RSL levels - and lecturer in Film & Video at the Access Creative College in Shoreditch. The units I taught included: Art, Design and Film & Video Production. My time at the ACC was divided between teaching, grading and evaluating student assignments, and overseeing the running and delivery of each lesson and the overall curriculum. Since 2018 I have been working for Rosetta Arts as a Filmmaking tutor to children and young people (8 to 18 years old) who have no experience in film-making, nonetheless, they were engaged and fearless in regards to the making of their stories which usually are horror ones which make the process right up to my street as I am a genre filmmaker! Indeed horror films are the perfect vehicle to release fear and my students were so brave in exploring their own fears through their terrific stories!

in 2020, I was grateful to have received a lottery-funded grant supported by the Arts Council, to bring my 9 years of teaching filmmaking in schools, colleges, art organisations, community/youth centres, art galleries and museums to a new level. This is The Art & Craft of Cinematic Storytelling (ACCS). I have been holding my workshop for a week at Rosetta Arts, a focus film project in collaboration with Newham Council and Stratford Youth Centre in London. Targeted to  8 to 12 years old, and with a thematic focus on "emotions", this week of filmmaking promoted healthy well-being and gave tools to help build resilience. The result was amazing, the children took so much pride in making their films and presenting their final work to their families and community!!! Thanks to Somerset film, I taught how to teach ACCS, with a focus on an environmental theme, to Primary school teachers in Somerset. I then taught ACCS at Kettle’s Yard, (University of Cambridge) to the pupils of North Cambridge Academy where I also co-produced their video in which the students discussed, with Kettle's Yard artists, the conditions of our time. In the video the students express their views on current issues, questioning the artists and sharing their inspirations to solve what previous generations have failed to address. The video project was filmed and edited entirely on HUAWEI PRO 30 smartphone and it was screened at the  UNTITLED exhibition until the 3rd of October 2021.

My latest adventure was with Director’s Cut Theatre in which I taught ACCS workshop to a super cool bunch of theatre professionals. in collaboration with the British Museum, I facilitated a group of 12 young people who identify with the LGBTQ + community, in co-designing, co-curating and co-delivery an art exhibition of new work exploring activism and social justice at the Attenborough Art Centres (4th - 19th December 2021) and British Museum. 


I am also a proud mentor at ScreenSkills. 


Here is the link to my  Creative Educator CV.


All my educational work above has been alongside the pursuit of my own filmmaking career as a writer/director and producer which started in 2005. I am an award-winning independent filmmaker with 16 years of experience in the film and TV industry, check me out! -