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Storytelling|Filmmaking Workshop

THE ART & CRAFT OF CINEMATIC STORYTELLING focuses on the art of storytelling through the five stages of the filmmaking process - from the development of an idea/its research to the execution and delivery of a film/artistic product. This process includes film/sound and screen acting exercises and art & craft activities that help to shape the look and feel of the participant's story aimed to be produced solo or in collaboration with their peers using a smartphone or iPad.


The 5 Stages of the Filmmaking Process:

The Development 

The Pre-Production

The Production stage

The Post-Production.​

The Distribution stage


Workshop Outcomes

  • New creative skills and development of artistic practice 

  • To gain an interest in and learn the importance of storytelling through moving image 

  • Learn about the step-by-step method of creating a film/video/photography project based on the thematic exhibition

  • Creative  and critical thinking and research skills 

  • Nurture creativity through storytelling, art and craft activities and films and sound and acting for the screen exercise

  • Learn how to create a story from the development of an idea, its research, its execution and delivery of the artistic product

  • Explore cultural heritage, artworks, and art space, developing observational and inquiry skills

  • Ability to talk about the film's story using visual language and the confidence to articulate opinions and ideas about the artistic product

  • Ability to pull together different resources and understanding of how to work them together

  • Developing a sense of ownership, pride and achievement over a project and exhibition

Each stage includes Art & Craft activities, Film/Sound and Screen Acting exercises that support each stage of the filmmaking process:

  • Visual/ Sound exercises

  • Mood boarding Your Story; using collage techniques to develop the look and feeling of your Story

  • Drawing/Painting Your Characters

  • Scriptwriting Your Story: writing your story into a scriptwriting format

  • Storyboarding Your Story: Making a SHOT list of your story and Drawing/Painting Your Story

  • Location Scouting with Photography 

  • Acting for the Screen exercises

  • Designing Your Story Poster; learning about minimal poster design

Entry Requirements​:


No film-related experience is required but if you do it is great and if you don't is great anyway. It is only required a PASSION for storytelling and films!


Duration of the Workshop: 

In-Person/Online Workshop is 30 hours (attendance is recommended): 6 hours x each Stage. Each Stage can be divided x 2/3 hours x class weekly or biweekly, alternative schedules may be accommodated.  It is also possible to tailor classes to make a  film in a day or a film in 3 days or make a film in 5 days.

Equipment and Materials:


Online Workshop: the learner is required to have his/her smartphone/IPad, notebook, pen, pencil, and any other art & craft related materials (coloured pencils, press cuttings/printouts, scissors, glue, mirror, glitter, acrylics, watercolours, paper, etc.).

In-Person Workshop: the learner can use workshop's smartphone. Art & craft materials will be provided.

The ACCS workshop aims to teach narrative fiction but also documentary-making and video-art making.If you are an individual or an organisation or a school wishing to inquire, please contact Luana Di Pasquale here.
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