"Luana is a great mentor that made everyone in the group feel a part of the team regardless of their role, their skills or experience, which was really awesome. Luana also knew exactly what she was doing in regards of the filmmaking process and gave lots of help/advice without being autocratic at all with decisions, which gave us the freedom to learn about the process firsthand and get the most out of the experience. And most of all we all had a lot of fun together and a big part of that is thanks to Luana." - Lewis Wheatley

"Luana is a nurturing teacher/mentor who helps clarify what you want to achieve creatively and then supports that vision with incredible insight and advice. Luana is approachable and professional in equal measure and will be your biggest cheerleader and proudest teacher/mentor". - Sonera Angel

"Luana provides clear-cut and experienced mentorship that offers not only practical skills but an insight into how the industry truly works. Her teaching gets straight to the point, on how to produce award-winning narratives." - Rakesh Jaitly 

"Luana is a kind and dedicated mentor. I was a young student (17), so I was a little unsure of my skills, but Luana helped to encourage and inspire me." - Briony Havergill

" Luana is an amazing and always full of joy tutor! I enjoyed every single of her lessons! And I learnt a lot from her. Always grateful for her help and kindness! :)" - Sevgi

"Luana is an adaptable and effective tutor. She always willing to share her knowledge and experience in the film and TV industry, which I found as a student to be invaluable." -  Philip Kapadia 

"Luana is a very insightful and knowledgable mentor, she is kind and caring and always has a smile on her face. Luana is always there to help and is very good at bringing the best out of people." - Dean Raymond

"Luana is an awesome tutor and it is sad to know she won't be able to teach us anymore at the Access Creative College, as I feel there was still a lot more I could have learned from her. I have great respect for her work and career" -  Carlton

" Back in 2018, Luana gave me my first experience of filmmaking. I produced a short film, with her guidance and mentoring and it was such a success - both as a finished outcome but also as a defining moment in my life - that I decided to pursue television and filmmaking as my full-time future career. Since then, I have gained a Masters in TV Drama, been accepted onto Edinburgh TV Festival's The Network, accessed funding to make further films and worked for ITV. To say Luana turned my life around and gave me new ambition as a writer/director is nothing short of an understatement. She will give you practical advice and help you decide once and for all: is filmmaking for you?" -  Lissi Simpson

"Luana is a fantastic mentor, working with her for three weeks on the National Youth Film Academy Set Ready Course was a pleasure. Her invaluable experience made us feel incredibly fortunate to have such a helpful creator as part of our team." - Alex M.C.