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Storytelling|Filmmaking Workshop

THE ART & CRAFT OF CINEMATIC STORYTELLING, Luana's creative workshop, focuses on storytelling throughout the five stages of the filmmaking process, from the development of an idea and its research to the execution and delivery of the artistic product. This process includes many art & craft activities and film exercises that help to shape the look and feel of the participant's story aim to produce solo or in collaboration with their peers using a smartphone or an iPad.


The 5 Stages of the Filmmaking Process:

 The Development 

The Pre-Production

The Production stage

The Post-Production.​

The Distribution stage


Workshop Outcomes

  • New creative skills and development of artistic practice 

  • To gain an interest in and learn the importance of storytelling through moving image 

  • Learn about the step-by-step method of creating a film/video/photography project based on the thematic exhibition

  • Critical thinking and research skills 

  • Nurture students’ creativity through storytelling and art and craft activities 

  • Learn how to create a story from the development of an idea, its research, its execution and delivery of the artistic product

  • Explore cultural heritage, artworks, art space, developing observational and inquiry skills

  • Ability to talk about your film story using visual language and the confidence to articulate opinions and ideas about artistic product

  • Ability to pull together different resources and understanding of how to work them together

  • Developing a sense of ownership, pride and achievement over a project and exhibition 


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Life is Art _ Art is Life_.jpg

The workshop includes the following Art & Craft activities, each supporting a different stage of the filmmaking process:

  • Drawing Your Character.

  • Mood boarding Your Story: using collage techniques to develop the mood of the story 

  • Scriptwriting Your Story.

  • Storyboarding Your Story - Drawing Your Story

  • Location Scouting with Photography

  • Designing Your Story Poster; learning about minimal poster design.

Entry Requirements​

No film-related experience is required but if you do it is great and if you don't is great anyway. It is only required a PASSION for storytelling and films!



In-Person/Online Workshop max 25 hours. Sessions take place once a week. While weekly or biweekly attendance is recommended, alternative schedules may be accommodated. 

Equipment and Materials

Online Workshop: the learner is required to have his/her smartphone, notebook, pen, pencil, and any other art & craft related materials (coloured pencils, press cuttings/printouts, scissors, glue, mirror, glitter, acrylics, watercolours, paper, etc.).

In-Person Workshop: the learner can use his/her smartphone or the workshop's smartphone. Art & craft materials will be provided.

The workshop aims to teach narrative fiction (short film) but also it can be adapted to documentary-making and video-art making or through the use of photography, therefore, its course length can be adjusted depending on what is required.

If you are an individual or an organisation or a school wishing to inquire, please contact Luana Di Pasquale here.