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focuses on the 5 stages of the filmmaking process:


The Development stage To brainstorm ideas for a short film of minimum 30 sec to max 3 minutes; to converge ideas into one and develop the unified concept into a mood board and a brief summary and a story with a beginning, a middle and an end; to write it in a script/screenplay format.

The Pre-Production stage To organise shoot while learning all about framing, shot size, angles, movement and lighting. In this stage, the learner will transform their script into a shot list and a storyboard in preparation for the shoot and schedule the production.

The Production stage To set up shoot, to act for the camera, to rehearse script and to shoot short film on a smartphone/tablet.

The Post-Production stage to learn different types and styles of editing and how to make use of them while editing the short film on the smartphone/tablet.

The Distribution stage to make a poster of your film and to present, market and promote the short film through social media, online platforms and film festival dedicated to smart-filmmaking ( if desired).


*Each of the 5 stages involves looking at the work of filmmakers both past and present.

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The workshop includes the following Art & Craft activities, each supporting a different stage of the filmmaking process:

  • Drawing your Character.

  • Moodboarding: using collage techniques to develop the mood of the story (either analogue cut & paste or digital on smartphone).

  • Scriptwriting the story.

  • Storyboarding the short script.

  • Designing a poster for the short film; learning about minimal poster design.

Entry Requirements​

No film-related experience is required but if you do it is great and if you don't is great anyway. It is only required a PASSION for storytelling and films!



In-Person/Online Workshop 15 x 2hr sessions; 10 x 3hr sessions; or 5 x 6hr sessions. Sessions take place once a week. While weekly or biweekly attendance is recommended, alternative schedules may be accommodated. 

Equipment and Materials

Online Workshop: the learner is required to have his/her own smartphone, notebook, pen, pencil, and any other art & craft related materials (coloured pencils, press cuttings/printouts, scissors, glue, mirror, glitter, acrylics, watercolours, paper, etc.).

In-Person Workshop: the learner can use his/her smartphone or the workshop's smartphone. Art & craft materials will be provided.

The workshop aims to teach narrative fiction ( short film) but also it can be adapted to documentary-making and video-art making, therefore, its course length can be adjusted depending on what it is required.

If you are an individual or an organisation or a school wishing to make an inquiry, please contact Luana Di Pasquale here.